13-Year-Old Donates Knitted Hats And Scarves For A More Meaningful Bat Mitzvah

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Local Knitters Hurried To Help

Hannah Levine is pretty much your average teenager, only that she has a passion for knitting and crocheting. When the local synagogue encouraged her to do something special during the year preparing for her bat mitzvah, she discovered she could put her passion to good use.

What she thought of was to start making knitted caps, hats, blankets and scarves for the people housed by the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. From there, the knitted items she created went to other organizations handling such donations for people in need.

Hannah wanted to send a warm hug to all those treated at the local hospitals. She knew that the best way to do that was not by getting to meet all those people, but by doing something more palpable. This is how she came with the idea of making knitted goods for as many as she could.

“I thought it would be a great idea to make all these handmade [items] for kids and adults who need them. It would be like a hug for them,” said Hannah, when asked about her project.

When she realized that literally sending a little something to all those at local hospitals would be too huge a project for her, she decided to do something more.

She sent e-mails to local organizations and temples, in search for help. She called her project “Hannah’s Warm Hugs”, and before she knew, there were dozens of people engaged in her initiative.

Her mother recalls how strangers from all over the community began sending knitted goods to their address. In the end, Hannah could add hundreds of knitted items to those made by her. During Hanukkah, right after her bat mitzvah, she went to donate the first to local hospitals.

Hannah’s project proves that everyone can help. The community’s involvement is another great proof of how knitting brings people together and makes them act towards a common good!

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