Gingerbread Icing Knitted Fingerless Gloves [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Keep Warm And Stylish With These Gingerbread Icing Knitted Fingerless Gloves

Wear these gingerbread icing knitted fingerless gloves to add a splash of style to any outfit!

Photo of a person's hand wearing a blue knitted fingerless glove with text which says " Free Pattern", followed by the knitting space logo

The pattern for these gingerbread icing fingerless gloves is perfect for confident beginners to work on.

Not familiar with knitting cables? You can find a great basic video tutorial here: Making Knitted Cables [A How To Tutorial].

Once finished, the gingerbread icing fingerless gloves should have a length of about 7.5 inches and a width of approximately 2.5 inches.

In metric measurements, the completed knitted fingerless gloves should be approximately 19 cm long and around 7 cm wide.

This pattern is another awesome design by Elizabeth Seidle.

In fact, she included detailed instructions and a helpful chart to guide you in making these knit fingerless gloves.

You can access the FREE downloadable pattern for these gingerbread icing knitted gloves from her website.

Finally, to access the FREE downloadable pattern for this pair of stylish knit gloves, please click on this link: Gingerbread Icing Fingerless Gloves Pattern

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Featured image: Elizabeth Seidle – thank you!

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