Fun Swirled Knitted Ski Cap [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Fun Swirled Knitted Ski Cap

Photo of a pastel colored knitted hat with a swirled design and a pompom on top and text which says "Free Pattern: fun swirled knitted ski cap,"

This lovely and fun swirled knitted ski cap will not only keep you warm but also put a smile on your face.

The body of the hat is worked in the flat from one side to another. While working the vertical stripe pattern, you increase at one end and decrease at the other.

This knitting technique gives the hat a parallelogram shape. The stripes will then naturally swirl around the hat when it is sewn together.

The knitting pattern for this unique hat is written with instructions for how knit it in two different sizes; one child size and one adult size.

This fun knitted cap with swirls is designed by Caps for Kids and it has been published on the Craft Yarn Council website

You can access the FREE knitting pattern for this amazing swirled ski cap by clicking here: Swirled Ski Cap Pattern.

Featured image: Scsteinberg & knittingbird


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