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Fun Colorful Knitted Tribbles [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Make These Adorable Fun Colorful Knitted Tribbles

Choose these super cute Fun Colorful Knitted Tribbles as your next project on your list. These delightful knitted tribbles are perfect to use up any of your leftover yarns.

This is also an excellent gift idea for any of your friends.

This knitting project is ideal for confident beginners and for more advanced knitters as well.

This step-by-step guide given to this FREE knitting pattern comes in one size. The finished size of these nice tribbles are 4 inch circle.

If you are using the metric system, these cheerful tribbles are approximately 10 cm circle.

These lovely tribbles are a wonderful design from the editor of Wishing I Was Knitting.

You are able to download this FREE knitting pattern for these gorgeous tribbles at Wishing I Was Knitting’s website.

To access this downloadable FREE pattern for these beautiful tribbles with its fun design, click on the link here: Fun Colorful Tribbles Pattern

Featured image(s): Wishing I Was Knitting – thank you!

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