Knitted First Aid Kit [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Knit This Vintage-Style First Aid Kit

We all know the importance of keeping our first aid kit well stocked and making sure that none of the products have expired on the date.

Photo of a brown knitted first aid kit bag and text which says "Free Pattern: KNITTED FIRST AID KIT,"

So why not support the Red Cross and at the same time knit a stylish first aid kit?

The vintage-style knitted first aid kit has been designed with two expanding pockets. It measures 8 inches wide by 8 inches tall and is 3 inches deep when folded.

For our readers who are more familiar with the metric system, that is 20.5 cm wide by 20.5 cm tall and 7.5 cm deep when folded.

The knitting pattern is at an intermediate level and you can download it from here: Knitted Stylish First Aid

The Red Cross is one of the most recognized charities world-wide. Red Heart has teamed up with the Red Cross to help someone in need of comfort and hope.

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