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Feather Lace Knitted Boot Topper [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Spruce Up Your Boots With This Feather Lace Knitted Boot Topper

Amp up your style meter with this feather lace knitted boot topper. These knitted boot cuffs are a fun way to dress up your boots while giving you a little extra warmth on cold days.

This is a knitting project for confident beginner knitters who want to work with lace.

Not familiar with reading lace charts? We have a tutorial to help you out. Click here: How To Read A Lace Knitting Chart.

The steps included in this FREE pattern is for one size only. However, the size can be changed by going up or down a needle size, or by adding or deleting a pattern.

Paula McKeever from Snapper Knits created the design for this stylish knitted boot topper.

Download the FREE pattern for this nifty knitted boot cuff that also helps keep you warm.

To download the FREE pattern for this darling feather lace knitted boot topper, please click on this link: Feather Lace Boot Topper Pattern

Featured image(s): Paula McKeever and Whatahat – thank you!

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