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Expat Learns Fluent Knitting While Teaching Neighbors

The Californian Born Improved Her Spanish In The Process

Learning a new language can be incredibly tough. For Margie, a 60-something retired teacher from California, the situation was no different.

When she moved to Mexico, her Spanish was far from stellar. She also struggled with the same problems as any other language student.

However, one day things changed for Margie. Two young girls from her neighborhood stopped while she was sitting in the front of her house, knitting.

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They watched her for a while. They then taught her the word “tejer” which means “to knit” in Spanish. This was the first of many encounters as the girls continued to pay her visits to watch her knitting.

Little by little, Margie saw the girls becoming more and more interesting in learning how to knit. She brought a few chairs and began showing them how to create things with needles and yarn.

In return, she learned how to name various knitting terms, like needles, thread and knot in Spanish.

“And we went through all the colors. They learned the English words and I learned the Spanish ones,” Margie says as she remembers how her new knitting classes started.

Soon, the girls began to bring other people to Margie’s lessons. Their sisters and even a brother showed up, interested in learning both English and knitting.

After a year, Margie’s Spanish had improved greatly. She has also become part of the girls’ families. She is being invited to family events on a regular basis, and she is more than pleased with how her Spanish progresses.

“My Spanish, even though improved, still needs a lot of work, but that said, I do speak fluent knitting,” she jokes.

Along the way, she has made new friends, and even taught others useful skills, like knitting and a new language.

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