English Slip Stitch Selvedge Edge [A How To Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make An English Slip Stitch Selvedge Edge

Using the English slip stitch selvedge edge is a great way of creating a decorative edge along your work. It can also help with curling when knitting in the stockinette stitch.

In addition, having a slip stitch selvedge edge will also make it easier for you to pick up stitches later on. This is especially useful if you would like to add a different edge or border to you work.

This knitting technique is a way of creating a row of chains along the side of your knitting. You can achieve this by using 4 simple steps:

  1. On the right side, slip the first stitch knitwise
  2. On the right side,  slip the last stitch knitwise
  3. On the wrong side, purl the first stitch
  4. On the wrong side, purl the last stitch

If you would like to try out this technique, we have a great pattern here: Knit Baby Sleep Sack

This great video tutorial has been made by New Stitch A Day. In the tutorial, you can see how do this great knitting technique.

Watch this tutorial and see how to make a slip stitch selvedge edge!

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