Emily’s Hats For Hope – A Worldwide Initiative

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The Founder Wants To Donate 50,000 Winter Hats By 2021

In 2011, Emily Kubin from Morristown, NJ, decided to help those in need by knitting winter hats. Emily, who was just 17 years old by that time, soon realized that she could only knit this much, so she took a step further.

She created the Emily’s Hats For Hope Initiative (EHFHI) and opened the doors for anyone wanting to help.

While winter hats were the initial spark of the initiative, diversification started right away. Enthusiasts who wanted to help the homeless and the poor, also started to donate scarves, gloves, mitts and afghans.

All the knitted goods went directly to those in need, while Emily continued to knit.

Social media proved to be a great outlet for promoting Emily’s initiative. Her Facebook page has been visited by thousands of people, all willing to help. While EHFHI is run in the US, people from Canada, Ireland, UK and Iceland, have so far offered their contribution.

Emily’s hopes are high. Her intentions are to create a similar initiative in every US state, so that homeless and poor people everywhere can benefit from the generosity of others.

So far, her international reach proved to be very successful, with spin-offs being founded in Canada, Australia and Denmark.

This is not Emily’s only dream, though. She also plans on donating 50,000 winter hats by 2021. Seeing that by this time, she has already managed to collect and donate over 21,000 winter hats, her hopes are not farfetched at all.

For her charity activity, Emily was rewarded with numerous awards and accolades.

In 2013, she received the following recognition awards: the Phenomenal Woman Award, the Caring Student of the Year Award, the Points of Light Award, and the Governor’s Jefferson Award. In the same year, she was among the semi-finalists of the Huggable Heroes competition.


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