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Durable Country Knitted Rug [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Craft This Good looking and Exceptionally Durable Country Knitted Rug

This Durable Country Knitted Rug would look nicely on your cottage and would certainly enhance that lovely rural vibe.

In fact, this is an ideal project for new knitters as it only requires basic knitting skills.

Photo of a pink knitted rug with tassels and text which says "Free Pattern: DURABLE COUNTRY KNITTED RUG,"

Need some tips on how to enhance your knitting skills? You’ll find an excellent resource to guide you here: Top Ten Knitting Tips [A How To Video Knitting Tutorial]

Once finished, the rug measures 26.5 inches wide and 34 inches long.

In metric measurements, the rug’s width and length are 67.5 cm and 86.5 cm respectively.

This knitting pattern is another outstanding creation by the amazingly talented team over at Yarnspirations.

In fact, you can download the FREE pattern for this sturdy knitted rug at their website.

To download the FREE pattern for this nicely knitted living room piece, please click on this link: Country Rug Pattern

Featured Image: Yarnspirations – thank you!

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