Ditch the Needles and Roll Up Your Sleeves!

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Arm Knit This Infinity Scarf in Just 30 Minutes

Winter still hasn’t quite given up it’s hold, so we thought we share this fun and easy way of producing a nice and fluffy knitted scarf in just 30 minutes.

This is the perfect craft to do when it is cold and miserable out. Why not get the kids involved as well and make it into a family activity?

On a budget? The arm knitted scarf makes a great gift with a personal touch that your friends will really appreciate.

Most of us here on the editorial staff has tried it out, and quite frankly some us are hooked! My philosophy is; A girl just cannot have too many fluffy scarfs!

Want to follow along the easy step-by-step tutorial which has been made from the knitter’s perspective? All you need is two arms and some really bulky yarn. In total, you will need about 160 meters / 520 ft / 176 yards of yarn

We hope this video will inspire you to give this super-fast and easy way of knitting a scarf a go. So why not check it out and let us know what you think?

Thank you to Handimani for inspiring us. The photos are also from them

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