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Dicentra Knitted Baby Blanket [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Keep Your Precious Warm With This Delightfully Charming Dicentra Knitted Baby Blanket

This endearing Dicentra knitted baby blanket will keep your little precious warm and comfy on chilly seasons. It also doubles as an exciting shawl to stylishly complement your ensemble.

In fact, this is a perfect project for knitters with intermediate skills to work on.

Photo of an brunette woman wearing a whyite knitted lace blanket as a shawl and text which says "Free Pattern", followed by the knitting space logo

Need help with your provisional cast on? You’ll find an excellent resource to guide you here: Provisional Knitted Cast On [A How To Knitting Tutorial]

Once finished, the baby blanket measures 39 inches, square.

In metric measurements, it’s 100 cm, square.

This knitting pattern is another wonderful creation by the talented Rachel Sogaard.

In fact, you can download the FREE knitting pattern for this charming blanket from the Filcolana website.

To download the FREE pattern for this cute square piece, please click on this link: Dicentra Baby Blanket Pattern

The website has pattern instructions written in Danish, English, and German.

Featured Image: Filcolana – thank you!

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