Darn Knits And Repair Holes [A How To Video Tutorial]

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Learn How You Can Darn Knits And Repair Holes Or Threadbare Areas

In this video tutorial, we will look at how you can darn knits to repair holes or threadbare areas.

You will typically use daring to repair a knitted piece when you need a strong and reinforced repair that does not blend in with the knitted piece.

If you are looking for a more integrated method of repairing your knitted pieces, you may find this photo tutorial interesting: Use A Knit-In-Place Patch To Repair A Knitted Sock.

There are a number of different darning methods out there. In this tutorial we will just look at a couple.

This video tutorial is made by Staci over at Very Pink. In the tutorial, she will demonstrates two different methods of darning that she finds to be the best

What is your favorite method? How do you darn your knitted pieces? Leave a comment and let us know!

Watch Staci and see how she darns knitted pieces!

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