Colorful Knitted ZickZack Scarf [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Gorgeous Colorful Knitted ZickZack Scarf

This impressive looking and colorful knitted zickzack scarf is surprisingly easy to knit.

A picture of a woman in a black and white filter wearing a sunglasses and knitted scarf with colorful zigzag patterns and text which says "Free Pattern: COLORFUL KNITTED ZICKZACK SCARF,"

The chevrons are simple to work with single increases and decreases – no knots.

Once completed, this gorgeous scarf with chevrons should be about 9 inches by 63 inches.

If you prefer metric measurements, the finished knitted zickzack scarf should be almost 23 cm by 160 cm.

This gorgeous looking knitted scarf with a chevron pattern is designed by Christy Kamm.

You can download Christy’s great knitting pattern for this zickzack scarf for free.

To access the free downloadable knitting pattern for this colorful chevron scarf, please click here: ZickZack Scarf Pattern

Featured image: Christy Kamm – thank you!

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