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Colorful Knitted Chatelaine [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Keep Your Essentials Within Reach With This Colorful Knitted Chatelaine

Never lose your trinkets and craft pals again with this colorful knitted chatelaine!

A chain designed to carry essentials, this knitted version offers a fun twist with its cheery vibe. You can attach your pins, clips, and other small items while working on your project.

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Once finished, the knitted chatelaine should measure approximately 2.5 inches wide and around 36 inches long.

In metric measurements, the completed knitted chain should have a width of about 6 cm and length of roughly 92 cm.

This knitting pattern is another brilliant design by Frankie Brown.

In fact, you can access the FREE downloadable pattern for this cool knitted chain.

To access the FREE downloadable pattern for this handy knitted piece, please click on this link: Chatelaine Pattern.

If you enjoy the pattern, you may want to consider making a donation on Frankie’s fundraising page for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation:

Featured image: Frankie Brown – thank you!

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