Clever Gorilla Learns How To Knit

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The Resourceful Primate Was Found Knitting Herself A Scarf

Gorillas are known to be pretty smart primates, but who would have thought they are capable of knitting? Although not the product of some science experiment, Penny the gorilla, from the National Zoo, managed to pull a pretty swell surprise on her caretakers.

The whole thing happened purely by accident. Someone with a passion for knitting forgot their yarn and needles in the gorilla’s habitat. Penny, who thought the items looked pretty funny, fiddled with them around. Next thing, she was casting on her stitches and starting to make herself a scarf.

Just how intelligent gorillas really are? This is a question for scientists and one that may have found a small step for solving in this minor incident. No matter what motivated Penny to knit half a scarf, it is obvious she proved gorillas are much more than what can be seen with the naked eye.

Knitting is a centuries old human occupation and it involves dexterity, problem solving and creativity. Apparently, Penny the gorilla lacks none of the above, as she even managed to swap between colors.

Hilarious responses to the story were inevitable. The news broke on Facebook and Twitter, and many people were engrossed with it. After all, it is not every day that a gorilla takes on knitting just like that.

Monkeys are known to be great at imitating human behavior, a proof that we are not that far from our closest relatives in the food chain.

Now all that is left for Penny to do is to start knitting for the entire zoo. All the animals could use a bit of extra warmth and the handy and crafty Penny will not hesitate to help each one of them with a small knitted creation

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