Chemist Finds True Calling In Knitting

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Jen Lucas Now Lives Off Knitting And She Loves Every Second Of It

Being a chemist seemed to be all there was for Jen Lucas, a Fox River Grove Resident, back in 2004. Graduating from Loyola University in Chicago, and finding a job also seemed to be the most important things in her life.

With everything set, she decided she wanted to find a way to pass the time after work. A friend of hers lent her a booklet called Learn to Knit in a Day, and gave her a bit of yarn, and from there, her true life adventure began.

With a laugh, Jen recalls that it took her much more than a day to learn how to knit. But passionate as she was, she embraced her new found hobby with all her heart. After learning all kinds of patterns, she even started to make her own.

The social network Ravelry proved to be good grounds for sharing her passion. Through the social media outlet and her own blog called Knitting Like Crazy, she drew quite an audience to her patterns.

The idea of making real money with her hobby appeared as a natural thing. While still working as a chemist at Lake County Public Works, she wrote a book called Sock-Yarn Shawls: 15 Lacy Knitted Shawl Patterns.

During the same year – 2013 – she published two books and seeing how well they sold, she decided she could take the plunge and turn her hobby into a full time job.

Today, Jen writes, knits and teaches knitting classes, while attending any knitting event she can. Knitting Guild of the Desert was the first occasion for her to teach an intensive course on knitting.

From there, everything seemed simple, although she recalls: “When I first started, I didn’t know if I would love to teach knitting. But it has become one of the best parts about my job, and I hope to do more of it.”

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