Borrowed Memories Knitted Shawl [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Create This Glamourous Borrowed Memories Knitted Shawl

Pick this joyful Borrowed Memories Knitted Shawl as your new knitting on your list. With this cheerful knitted shawl you will always have a fine finish on your outlook every time you put it on.

In fact, it is also a great handmade gift for any of your female friends and relatives.

This is an ideal knitting project for more advanced knitters, who have some practise on their hands.

The step-by-step instruction given to this FREE knitting pattern comes in one size. This awesome shawl is 56 inches at its long edge, 57 inches at its diagonal edge and 42 inches at its short edge.

In case you are using the metric system, this elegant shawl is approximately 143 cm at its long edge, 145 cm at its diagonal edge, and 107 cm at its short edge.

Moreover, this cheerful knitted shawl is a fabulous creation by Kathy Crowell.

In addition to get access to this lovely pattern for this gorgeous knitted shawl for FREE, visit Knitty’s website.

Last but not least, to get access to this FREE knitting pattern for this awesome shawl with its beautiful design, click on the link here: Borrowed Memories Shawl Pattern

Featured image(s): Kathy Crowell – thank you!

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