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Blueberry Knitted Waffle Socks [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Blueberry knitted waffle socks | the knitting space

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Make These Lovely Blueberry Knitted Waffle Socks

These beautiful Blueberry knitted waffle socks are great for wearing around the house or under boots.

These delightful knitted socks with a waffle pattern is designed by Sandy Turner.

She has written a great knitting pattern for a cuff down sock. In fact, she uses the Kitchener stitch to graft the toe on each sock.

Not familiar with the Kitchener stitch? You can find a great video tutorial here: The Kitchener Stitch [A How To Video Tutorial].

As an alternative to the Kitchener stitch, you can turn the sock inside out and use a 3-needle bind off.

We have a great video tutorial on this bind off technique that you can find here: Three Needle Bind Off [A How To Video Tutorial].

You can access the knitting pattern for these delightful socks with a waffle pattern for FREE.

To access the FREE knitting pattern for this great pair of socks, please click here: Blueberry Waffle Socks Pattern.

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