Blind Grandmother Knits Sweaters

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Blind Chinese Woman Knits Items After Understanding Patterns Just By Touching Them

Blindness didn’t stop Li Zhongrong, a 72 year old grandmother from Shenyang, to help her family in any way she could. When she was 13, she suffered from an eye disease that left her blind.

Later on in life, when she was 32, she decided to take up knitting, as a measure to save money on clothes for her three children.

While it may seem like a tough challenge to learn knitting when you are visually impaired, that didn’t not put Li down. She says proudly that she learned the craft within just one week.

The first project she undertook was a sweater for her then three year old son. She finished it in just one week, despite not being able to actually see the result of her work.

Li is quite a specialist when it comes to sweaters. During her 40 years of knitting, she has finished thousands of sweaters, and no pattern is a challenge for her.

Whether she is looking for inspiration or she just likes to visit stores, she touches knitted items and she memorizes the patterns right away.

“I know the knitting techniques of the sweater once I touch it,” she says when asked how she manages to knit so well.

Even if Li is now 72 years old and her kids are all grown-ups, she can still save her extended family a bit of money. When her granddaughter saw a jumper in a store, at the price of 700 Yuan (which is around £68), she fell in love with it right away, but the price seemed too high.

Li went to the store, touched the jumper and knew immediately how to make the pattern, thus saving her family money and offering her granddaughter a beautiful jumper.

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