Bella Knitted Double Cable Mittens [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make These Gorgeous Bella Knitted Double Cable Mittens

These beautiful Bella knitted double cable mittens sport a pronounced horseshoe or double cable pattern on top.

The extra long cuffs are sure to keep not just your hands but also your wrists warm during cold days.

Photo of hands holding an apple while wearing dark grey knitted mittens with text which says "Free Pattern: Bella knitted double cable mittens,"

Not familiar with knitting cables? Here is a basic tutorial: Making Knitted Cables [A How To Tutorial].

To make the double cable or horseshoe cable, you just alternate putting the cable needle in front and at the back of your work.

This method will create the lovely cable pattern featured in this fun pair of mittens.

The designer behind these lovely long-cuffed mittens with a horseshoe cable is Marielle Henault.

You can download the pattern for Marielle’s fun knitted double cabled mittens for FREE.

To access the free downloadable knitting pattern for this great pair of cabled mittens, please click here: Bella’s Mittens Pattern

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