Knitting Problems? Knot a Problem Helps You Untangle Your Yarn

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The Group of Avid Knitters Offer Such Services Against Shipping Costs Only

Tangled yarn is a hassle, and too often, even the most patient knitters reach for their scissors and decide to cut off the offensive parts.

For a group of avid knitters united under the name Knot a Problem, untangling yarn is something they are very good at. What is more important, they are willing to help other fellow knitters, completely free of charge.

The group was started back in 2008 by Stephanie Rothschild from Rancho Santa Margarita, California. During that time, she was working in a yarn store, and she hated to see tangled yarn being thrown into the trashcan.

Dutifully, she dug the yarn out and proceeded to untangle it, since it seemed like such a waste to her.

Many knitters admit that untangling yarn is a great stress reliever and they would not outsource this activity for the world. However, there are still a few who would not say no to getting some professional help on the matter.

For me, detangling is very frustrating and very stressful. I’d rather use my time to knit, which is very soothing,” says one knitter regarding her habits when it comes to untangling yarn.

Avid knitters have different ways of dealing with tangled yarn.

You just have to remember that any piece of yarn has only two ends. Find one and start threading it through its own loops, winding it into a loose ball as you go,” Leslie Reed, a passionate knitter, says.

Some prefer to put the tangled yarn in the freezer, which helps later on. Others choose to slow down and proceed with care and attention to detail. Either way, untangling knots is something knitters are very much aware of.

The two parties are not necessarily at odds. Since the group Knot a Problem is not charging anything for their services, anyone who finds themselves in a conundrum can get in touch with them..


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