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Almost Lost MINI Knit Washcloths [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Use These Lovely Almost Lost MINI Knit Washcloths To Remove Your Make-up

I just love these almost lost mini knit washcloths or scrubbies. They have been adapted from the popular Almost Lost Washcloth.

Photo of a stack of flower dishcloths in different colors and text which says "Free Pattern: almost lost mini knit washcloths,"

The adaptation has been made by Sandy Tieman and feature on the website of Simply Notable.

These great little knitted scrubbies are done in no time at all. They are the perfect little gift, especially when stacked in a little basket.

So, why not whip up a set of Almost Lost Washcloth and these lovely little mini washcloths either for yourself or a friend?

To access the FREE pattern for these lovely little scrubbies from Simply Notable, please click here: Mini Almost Lost Washcloth Knitting Pattern

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