Adorable Knitting Snowman [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Adorable Knitting Snowman

This adorable knitting snowman will give your home a lovely home-crafted and cozy look and feel.

Close-up of a knitted knitting snowman surrounded by Christmaas decors and text that says "Free Pattern", followed by the knitting space logo

One of these knitting snowmen will also make for a great gift for a friend who loves knitting as much as you do.

Once completed, one of these snowmen should be about 10 inches tall.

If you prefer metric measurements, a finished knitting snowman should be about 25.5 cm high.

These measurements do not take into account the pompom hat.

The designer responsible for these fun holiday ornaments with a cozy feel is Nancy Anderson.

You can download the FREE pattern for this fun knitted snowman with his knitting from Red Heart UK.

To access the FREE downloadable knitting pattern for these knitting snowmen, please click here: Knitting Snowman Pattern.

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