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Adorable Knitted Ducklings [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Delight In These Irresistibly Adorable Knitted Ducklings

Surprise young ones with these irresistibly adorable knitted ducklings. Their sheer adorableness will make them an instant hit.

They make for a totally awesome present for birthdays or other special occasions. Craft them in different colors for a fun touch!

In fact, this pattern is a perfect project for experienced beginner knitters looking to advance their knitting skills.

Once finished, each knitted duck should measure approximately 3 inches long from chest to tail.

In metric measurements, the completed knitted duck should have a length of roughly 8 cm from chest to tail.

This knitting pattern is another amazing design by Frankie Brown.

In fact, you can access the FREE downloadable pattern for these cute knitted ducks.

To access the FREE downloadable pattern for these knitted softies, please click on this link: Ducks Pattern

The downloadable pattern is available in both English and French.

If you enjoy the pattern, you may want to consider making a donation on Frankie’s fundraising page for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation:

Featured image: Frankie Brown – thank you!

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