A Group Of Warwick Inhabitants Learn That Knitting Makes Men Healthy

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Knitting Makes Men Healthy, Both Physically And Mentally

The Jumpers and Jazz festival in Warwick included a unique event.

As more and more people learn that knitting makes men healthy, the new habit earns more supporters. The Criterion Hotel hosted a men’s knitting circle during the festival.

The hotel’s manager, Kylie Jenner, thinks this was the perfect occasion for men to learn about the benefits of knitting. While the festival will motivate Warwick inhabitants to grab their needles, she hopes they will continue.

“Crocheting and knitting are coming back in fashion, and we want to influence men to connect with their creative side,” the manager declared.

And what more suitable medium for male knitters than the pub? Listening to cool music and knitting jumpers go hand in hand with beer.

At least, this is the manager’s hoped. She also believes that men need to have a particular type of environment to feel at ease.

Knitting is not just for women, as Jaboa Campbell, a diversional therapist concludes.

Both genders can benefit from the many health advantages of knitting:

“It’s really good for maintaining physical abilities, especially if you’re limited in your physical activity.”

The Warwick event came at the end of the Men’s Health Week. Many health conditions affect men and women equally. But they can combat them with the help of knitting.

For instance, the movements involved in knitting work wonders for stiff joints. Also, the hand to eye coordination improves. Not to mention, knitting offers the perfect occasion to socialize.

Less active men, in particular, can take advantage of such a hobby. They can drop by the pub with their friends and knit for a little while. The newfound hobby can work wonders for their self-confidence.

So why not encourage your menfolk to take up knitting and form a knitting circle in their favorite watering hole?

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Featured image: Warwick Daily News – thank you!

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