92-Year-Old Knitter Receives Thanks From Canadian Prime Minister

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Lillie Steward Made A Pair Of Socks For Justin Trudeau And The Knitter Receives A Personal Thank You Note

92-year-old Lillie Steward is a passionate knitter and has been so for more than 60 years. During this time, she often knitted socks for important political figures, but until recently, no one had bothered to reply.

All changed when the Truro resident received a personal thank you note from no one other than the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Lillie had high hopes when she sent her knitted work to MP Bill Casey whom she asked to offer one pair to the Prime Minister. All she wanted was a picture of the MP handing the knitted socks to Justin Trudeau.

When later on, she got the photo she wanted, along with a thank you note from no other than the Prime Minister, she was really surprised.

The thank you note reads: “Dear Lillie, thank you so much for knitting those lovely socks for me. I look forward to wearing them with great pride. All my very best, Justin Trudeau.”

Lillie is more than happy with being able to keep important men’s feet warm. This is not the first time when she knits socks for some big name in the Liberal Party.

She and her husband are both supporters of the party Trudeau and Casey are part of and they have been so for decades. She remembers how she sent a pair of knitted socks to Jean Chretien.

She also got acquainted with the Prime Minister’s father, Pierre Trudeau, during a meeting held at Ottawa. While everyone at the table shook hands with Pierre Trudeau, Lillie asked him if she could kiss him. He agreed.

Lillie’s husband, Jarvis, jokes about her wife’s passion of sending knitted socks to politicians. He even thinks he might have to consider running for office, if he wants his new pair of socks to make the priority list.

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