72-Year Old Man Knits 17-Mile-Long Rope

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Knitter Fights To Keep Ahead Of His Nearest Rival And Stay In Guinness Book Of Records

British Ted Hannaford is a world-champion in French knitting and he is fighting to keep his World Record title.

He started his French-knitted rope back in 1989 and is currently roughly three miles ahead of his nearest rival, Australian knitter Leon Milich.

The knitted rope has become a labor of love for Ted. He started the rope when he became concerned with his wife Rita wasting wool when she was knitting Fair Isle jumpers. She only need small amounts of colored yarn for the details on her sweaters.

“I told Ted he should knit and first of all he said ‘men don’t knit’, but he gave in eventually.”

Ted, who is a grandfather, says that he finds French knitting therapeutic.

“I just sit and watch the telly and do the knitting , it comes naturally to me and I find it calms me down.”

He is confident that his rival will not be able to “stitch him up” as he reckons that he is about three miles ahead of him. Ted’s wife, Rita, supports him in his hobby, even though they have had to sacrifice space in their home.

“I’ve lost my dining room as there are two 6ft high boxes in there with the knitting. We now eat our dinners on our laps, but it’s worth it.”

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