7 Reasons Knitting Improves Health

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Keep Doctors Away With These 7 Reasons Knitting Improves Health

Do You Want to Keep Healthy? Knit a Scarf.

There are many people in the world who love knitting. If you have met any of them, or even better, you are one of them, you might notice some differences between those who knit, and non-knitters.

It’s no coincidence that you are more calm than your non-knitting friend. It probably has something to do with knitting. If you are not a knitter just yet, here are seven fantastic reasons to join the club.

7 Reasons Why Anyone Should Take Up Knitting:
Reason #1: Knitting works for treating anxiety and depression

The naturally calming effect of knitting makes it easier for people to cope with these problems.

Reason #2: Knitting is pure Zen

Repetition of a single action is relaxing, so the specialists say. Knitting embodies a single activity that enduces a state of Zen.

Reason #3: Getting social is much easier

Knitting groups are everywhere. They are diverse, fun, and a wonderful opportunity to get out and socializing.

Reason #4: Treat your ADHD with some yarn and needles

It is not only cheaper than pills, but also healthier. Even boys as young as 7-8 years old are much calmer when given a knitting project.

Reason #5:Knitting fights dementia

Seniors can greatly benefit from knitting. Studies show a lower incidence of Dementia in elderly patients who knit.

Reason #6: Offer yourself a much needed break

What better way to leave the fast paced world behind than by grabbing your needles and starting to knit?

Reason #7: Knitting makes everyone happy

People who knit are happy because they create something. Recipients of knitted items are appreciative and happy. Admirers are appreciative and joyful too.

There is hardly anything that can rival knitting.

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