5 Ways Knitting Socks Beats Buying Them From The Store

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Here Is Why You Should Start Knitting Socks Right Away

Socks must be the most mundane item of clothing one can find. They are everywhere. You can buy them from the store, or you can knit them yourself.

Despite buying them might seem like the most convenient choice, knitting socks has its advantages. Here are the five most important ones:

Reason #1 – Socks that really suit you

How many socks have you bought and thrown away due to them being a bad fit? If you choose to knit socks, they will be custom made so they are guaranteed to fit.

And the best part is that you will not have to buy another pair ever again.

Reason #2 – You use natural fibers

Store-bought socks are hardly a good choice. Most manufacturers don’t bother to use natural fibers. But you can do that so that your knitted socks are comfortable to wear all the time.

Reason #3 – Socks for every occasion

You don’t always find the exact socks you want to wear at the store. Maybe you’re in the mood for something fancy? Or perhaps you want a simple, elegant pair of socks that will match your outfit?

Only you can create the exact pair of socks you need for every occasion.

Reason #4 – You pick the colors

Yes, there are plenty of socks in stores to choose from. But do stores always carry your favorite colors?

Step inside a yarn store and check out plethora of yarn colors and types that await. From rainbow explosions to subdued pastels, there’s something for everyone.

Reason #5 – Mismatching is cool

Should you need another reason to pick knitting socks over buying them, here is a good one.

You can create mismatched socks. No, you don’t have to go to the trouble of buying two different pairs to achieve the look you want.

All you need to do, is just knit individual socks to your hearts content. And best of all, you will also be proud to show them off!

So, can you honestly say that you still want to buy socks? Grab a pair of needles and some yarn, and start knitting!

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