4 Knitting Trends For 2016 You Cannot Help but Love

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Here Are Some Predictions About What Cool Knitting Will Be All About This Year

Don’t you have any ideas about what to knit this year? Are your fingers itching for some knitting action? These are the knitting trends expected to make the headlines for knitters in 2016.

Trend 1: Soothing colors are the best

Soothing colors are bound to make the stage this year, as people seek more and more the relaxing effect of such palettes. Neutral tones can never go wrong. So, if you want to play on the safe side, don’t hesitate to stock on yarn that comes in softer colors. Go for uniform colored knitted shawls and scarves, but combine some close tones for a more striking effect.

Trend 2: Colorful hats are in

Go as creative as you want with this new knitting trend. One-color caps are now considered boring, so get at least three different colored yarns and combine them for a striking effect in your new favorite knitted cap.

Trend 3: Blankets are all the rage

Any knitter enthusiast has thought about making a blanket. That is, if they have not already finished one or more blankets in their life. Keep as warm as you like with a bunch of knitted blankets or throws during the chilly season. Also, do not be shy about trying new styles and new techniques. Arm knitting and joined squares are just a few of the techniques that are currently embraced by knitters everywhere.

Trend 4: Go big, go chunky

There is a real satisfaction in working with big needles and chunky yarn. You can turn yarn into wearable clothing with very little effort and time invested. What is more important, you will definitely be in style if you decide to wear your creations as 2016 is all about displaying with pride such knitted items.

So, which of these knitted trends are you going to follow? Or do you think something else should have made the list?


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