4 Facts About Knitting And Sleeping

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The Handy Craft Can Help You Fall Asleep Faster And Sleep Better

There are many ways in which knitting can help you alleviate medical issues, such as arthritis, or chase away boredom.

Knitting works wonders for one’s emotional well being, because it has a calming effect. But what about sleeping? Is knitting up to the challenge, when insomniacs are involved?

Here are 4 facts about knitting and sleeping that will make you grab a pair of needles and stash it close to the bed, just in case.

Fact #1: Knitting makes you count sheep differently

Do you recall how your mom told you to count sheep when you were little and could not fall asleep? Your mom probably no longer lives with you under the same roof, but this does not mean that you should not pay heed to her advice.

As a knitter, counting is part of your life. You count stitches, you count patterns, you count how many pairs of socks you want to knit for Christmas … All this counting will surely make you feel sleepy.

Fact #2: Knitting is calming and helps you have nice dreams

Knitting helps people with mental conditions because of its calming effect. Even without suffering from some mental ailment, you can still take advantage of the calming effect of knitting.

When you experience trouble falling asleep, a great solution is to grab your needles and knit for about half an hour. You will slowly feel sleepier and sleepier, and you will be thankful for all the nice dreams you will have.

Fact #3: Knitted bedding is very relaxing

When it comes to sleeping and knitting, the link may be right in front of your eyes. You can knit your own bedding and relax in it afterwards. You will feel extremely content and you will sleep like a baby in your knitted bedding.

Fact #4: Knitting chases away insomnia

When you suffer from insomnia, tossing and turning in the bed will not do you any good. What you can do is to stop fighting and start knitting. After several rows, you will feel much better and sleep will come to you.

A word of warning – don’t knit anything complicated, it might defeat the purpose …


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