3 Row Counting Tips For Your Next Knitting Project

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Make Your Knitting Project Stress-Free With These 3 Row Counting Tips

There are some ways on how you can count your rows. It mainly depends on the kind of pattern that you are working on. Here are 3 row counting tips that will greatly help you.

Tip#1 -Try Using a Row Counter

Stitch Counter | Not Just CraftsRow counters help you keep track of your knitting easily. Row counters can either be rotated or clicked to count the row stitches that you have.

If you are a beginner, it is best to get yourself a row counter to help you in keeping track while knitting. Row counters are quite popular, hence, there are may kinds that you can buy and use.

Using a row counter that only requires “clicking” to count the rows will make knitting a breeze. A digital knit row finger counter will be a great choice

You can simply wear it on your fingers which make it a lot easier and it almost doesn’t bother you from knitting while counting the rows.

Tip#2 -Read Your Basic Stitches

While row counters are helpful, using them while knitting can be distractful. You might want to knit and count the rows after you’re done. So reading your stitches will be helpful.

Counting a Stockinette Stitch Rows

Counting Stitches | The Knitting SpaceYou can easily count your stockinette stitch rows by keeping an eye at the “V’s” in your stitches and each of it counts one row. Remember that “V’s” are stacked on top of each other.

Counting Garter Stitch Rows

Counting Rows | The Knitting SpaceSince this stitch will yield ridges and V stitches, the easiest way for you to count it is by looking at the ridges and multiplying it by two and this is the number of your rows.

Tip#3 -Keep Track of Your Counting By Using a Stitch Marker

Stitch Markers | Not Just CraftsIf you are getting a hard time where to start counting your rows, use some stitch markers. You can also use it if you need to mark and track your stitches.

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