20 Things About Knitting You Always Keep In Mind

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Passionate Knitters Are Well Aware Of Them

Knitting can be a tumultuous pastime, with times when you feel like throwing away your needles, as well as times when you walk proudly down the street wearing your latest creation.

There are things knitters remember all their lives. Here are some you may find true for your case, too.

  1. If there is one person you will never forget, that is the person that taught you how to knit, even if it was someone online.
  2. You’ll never forget the time when you dropped a stitch at the beginning and then turned the disaster around into something cool and original.
  3. Your first scarf had to wait to be finished until you learned how to cast off.
  4. Once you’ve learned how to cast off, it’s like riding a bike; you never forget how it’s done.
  5. Mistaking the direction of your stitches is something you know well.
  6. Blocking is a good way to hide mistakes.
  7. Watching TV and knitting? The latter always wins!
  8. Your first time in a knitting shop was better than seeing Disneyland as a kid.
  9. Haberdasheries are the place where you normally lose money.
  10. Your stash of unfinished projects is threatening to jump out of the closet.
  11. Eyelash yarn is never funny.
  12. Bamboo needles are a must for airplane travels; you don’t want to get in some kind of trouble with security, do you?
  13. A stitching friend in need is a true stitching friend indeed.
  14. Gossip and drinks are constantly taking over stitching groups.
  15. Spindling sounds like something cute and doable.
  16. Knitted items for Christmas? How lovely … wait, how much time is there left?
  17. You always promise you’ll started knitting earlier this year, but you never get around to do it.
  18. Knitting something for your beloved makes you want to reconsider your life’s priorities.
  19. Buying jumpers suddenly sounds like a good idea, when compared to the cost of yarn and the time it takes to knit one.
  20. Still, wearing something you’ve created yourself makes you feel proud and content.


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