11 Great Skills One Can Learn From Knitting

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How Knitting Can Help Your Personal Development

Besides the many advantages of knitting, there are some great skills you can learn while fiddling with your needles and yarn.

Here they are, in a nutshell:

#1: You become more patient

Knitting takes time, and this means you will really learn how to wait for things to happen. This means, of course, you will do something to make it happen, and that’s the fun part.

#2: You learn how to be fashionable on a budget

Have you seen the latest knitted creations on the high street and you can’t afford them? Just grab your needles and make your own!

#3: Your fingers become more agile

Knitting is capable of alleviating arthritis, but that is not the only wonder it does to your fingers. You will notice your agility increasing.

#4: You will be faster at doing math

At first glance, it may not look like much math is involved in knitting, but your mind will be thankful for it. Knitting keeps your brain smart by challenging you every day.

#5: You learn how to be humble

Have you ever experienced rage when a knitting pattern doesn’t come up as desired? Once you learn where you were wrong, you surely know how to be more humble.

#6: You become more determined

Knitting projects can be pretty demanding. This means you will need all your determination to have them done.

#7: You will be a great multi-tasker

Watching TV and knitting? Chatting up with a friend and knitting? Monitoring your child playing and knitting? All is possible!

#8: You will always be prepared with a gift

If anyone invites you to a special occasion on short notice, you can put together a small gift in no time!

#9: You become more flexible

If one knitting pattern doesn’t come up as you wanted it to, don’t worry. Just be flexible and turn it around.

#10: You will be a great problem solver

Not all knitting instructions have the habit of being clear. However, with your newly developed problem solving techniques, you will have no troubles.

#11: You learn how to concentrate on the task at hand

Last, but not least, you will have no problem finding your focus, even when the world moves fast around you.


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