10-Year-Old Boy Knits Caps For Sick Kids

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He Made 50 Caps That Were Sent To Children’s Hospital Colorado

Knitting may sound a bit off as a hobby for a 10-year-old boy. Garrett Lowry from Colorado is the one example proving that there is nothing strange about such a thing.

Although he is known for loving baseball and being good at it, in secret, he has an equally powerful passion for knitting.

Garrett found his new passion during a class project. The kids were required to knit 15 caps using a loom, and the 10-year-old baseball player found the craft greatly rewarding.

The caps were to be donated to the Children’s Hospital Colorado, and this caused Garrett to get involved more.

With help from his mother and grandmother, he successfully managed to make 50 caps. The project took him several months, and after that, the knitted caps were sent to the hospital.

“Going through that kind of thing might scare people, and I just want to make something that can make them more comfortable while they are in the hospital,” the young knitter said.

Thinking of the kids in the hospital, scared and away from home, made Garrett determined to do something. In the process, he even managed to teach adults a few things, too.

Not only taught him some things but it teaches us some things too,” said Don Lawry, Garrett’s father.

Garrett has no idea how this news would be received by his teammates on the baseball field.

“Some people say it’s unusual, but it’s just a part of my life,” he says when asked about his passion.

The 10-year-old knitter is a great example of how kids can bring their contribution to society.

“I want children to feel better about themselves. And feel that they are appreciated and that they’re loved,” Lowry said.

Garrett plans on doing even more for sick kids in the future. His plans include collaborating with the Ronald McDonald House.

Watch Garrett in this video from Global News.

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